Monthly Students Innovation Forum

Monthly Students Innovation Forum

The Monthly Students Innovations Forum is one of the activities of Riara University iCenter, anchored by the School of Computing Sciences. For about an hour, students and partners are given a platform to share their knowledge, skills, experiences and expertise in specific areas of interest. Students are therefore equipped with knowledge and skills they may not have acquired in their core areas of study. The forum was held on Thursday, 28/1/2016 and the discussions and demonstrations were very informative. The presenters and students panelists were engaged in discussions that touched on diverse critical areas.

Is it innovation or plagiarism? Distinguishing these items is important for a researcher and innovator. It is proper to cite sources of information and reference the authors appropriately.

A topic on technology entrepreneurship highlighted the importance of critical thinking in finding solutions to societal problems. This combined with a proper market research could be very beneficial.

In addition, a demonstration of the generation of musical beats showed that the quality depended on a number of factors that could include genre of music, experience and time.

Lastly, the mobile robots presentation hinted the great advancements in robotics. Different motors, and a controller were presented and later, a demonstration on how they are used to drive the different functions of a robotic arm to carry out different operations.

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