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Mr. Zephania Thaisaiyi Opati

The student experience at the Riara University School of Business is shaped by the university community – the professors, the administrators, and most of all, the students. That is one of the reasons our admissions criteria are decidedly selective. We only admit individuals who are ready to take their talents to the highest level by working side-by-side with peers who have the same aspiration.

Through team and classroom interaction, students of the Riara School of Business learn to communicate effectively with individuals from diverse cultural, academic, and professional backgrounds. The open exchange of information brings theory to life as students collaborate to analyze problems and formulate strategies. The Riara University School of Business offers a range of programmes designed specifically for aspiring entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals working in a range of industries. Under the leadership of the Dean, the School is attracting top talent, offering an innovative, cross-functional curriculum, and enhancing alumni outreach programmes, and that is only the beginning.

The Riara University School of Business experience will change you, for life.